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Personal & Non-personal Identification Information: We keep personal information if a user register to our site, follow our site, contact with us, made a comment and many more. The personal information is automatically or manually kept in our database and we need to keep it for contact again, improving the user interface, improving services and many more. We never store your password. Now we are not collecting advanced level information just basic information like name, email etc. But in the feature, we can collect more information.

Web Browser Cookies: For more user-friendly interface & experience our site use ‘Cookies’. So you just need to provide us with cookies permission and it will help you to quickly load but if you refuse it then some parts of our site can’t work properly. So we highly recommend to accept it.

Third Party Services: We use lots of third-party services to improve and optimize our site such as google analytics. We will try to use safe third party services and keep all the data private. We may store your data on other third-party servers. We haven’t controlled of cookies all third-party services.

Content Copyright: We collect lots of content information from lots of web sources by following copyright law. All the giveaways do not create by us and they are not controlled by us so any giveaway can be expired anytime and we are not taking any responsibility about it. Copy any content from this site is totally illegal.

Personal Information Share: We never share anyone's personal information from our site by rent, sell or trade but some information on our site is publicly viewed. So just must need to provide security. If you need more security, then you can avoid using name the but form must need to be filled up. But we can share our visitor’s demographic information but their no personal information will be shared.

Ads: now we use Gooogle AdSense ads. So by following this, the site you are also agreed on Google AdSense policy. To read AdSense policy please click here.

Change rules of Privacy policy: administrators have full permission to add, edit, update and delete any word of the privacy policy. We kept the update date at the bottom so you can easily know if any changes made. It’s your responsibility to check and know about the privacy policy and if any modification made and you didn’t check it, we will never take responsibility for this.

By using this site, we will count your acceptance of this privacy policy. Contact With Us: If you have any question about our privacy policy, please contact by using our ‘Contact Us’ page.
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